AVD Series Duplex Stainless Enclosure

AVD Series Duplex Stainless Enclosure



Plumbing systems that require constant filtration but cannot be shut down for filter cleaning, and military or commercial vessels that prohibit the use of plastic components in critical plumbing are ideal candidates for a GROCO AVD Series Duplex Strainer.  #316 stainless steel enclosures replace the cast acrylic sight glasses, and a centrally located valve diverts system flow to one side of the strainer while the other side is serviced.  GROCO AVD Series strainers are designed on the same base characteristics as the ASA series single strainer. 

AVD Series' oldest ancestor, HD Series Duplex Strainer, were designed to meet the needs of the U.S. War Department for landing craft built by Higgins Boats during World War II.  Their unique patented function played a key part in the amphibious landings of countless American troops throughout the Allied Invasion, and helped to earn the prestigious Army-Navy E Award for Higgins Boats.  

To this day the modern versions are used in Fire Boats, Coast Guard and Navy vessels, and in Homeland Security and Patrol boats worldwide. 




            • Made in the USA
            • ABS Compliant.
            • C84400 bronze construction.
            • Standard with #304 stainless steel filter basket. (Monel is optional)
            • Monel inside tie rod.
            • Easy service with spin-off-wingnut.
            • Fine mesh filter basket is also available. 




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AVD-2500 Series


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