Sweet Tank Odor Prevention

Sweet Tank Odor Prevention


Patented SWEETTANK® was developed to stop odors in yacht and RV holding tanks without the use of chemicals or filters. SWEETTANK® is standard equipment on THERMOPURE-2® Type-I MSD, in GROCO Type-III MSDs,  and is offered in several retrofit kits to fit existing holding tanks.




Aerobic and anaerobic bacteria coexist naturally in raw sewage; it is the anaerobic bacteria that produce undesirable odors. By inducing a constant flow of air into the holding tank through a submerged aeration tube, SWEETTANK® produces an oxygen-rich environment in which the anaerobic bacteria cannot thrive, thus eliminating unpleasant odors. The heart of the SWEETTANK® system is a compact module that operates continuously to deliver air to the holding tank using less than 3-watts of DC power. For yachts where AC power is always available, an AC  powered SWEETTANK® module is offered.




  • SWEETTANK® screws into a 1-1/2" NPT threaded fitting in the top or side of the tank.
  • If the tank has no 1-1/2" NPT opening, aeration equipment can be installed into a 2-1/2" hole cut in the tank top or side.
  • All mounting hardware is included.
  • STK-18 fits tanks up to 18" deep. Contact GROCO for installation in tanks deeper than 18".



There are two ways in which to employ the SWEETTANK® concept:

1. Install SWEETTANK® into the top or the side of any rigid holding tank. STK-18 fits tanks up to 18" deep.  Models are available for deeper tanks (call GROCO MSD Technical Service).

2. Install a complete ZDS Series Type-III MSD.  ZDS includes the holding tank, level monitor, macerator/discharge pump and SWEETTANK®.



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