Ulube Grease

Ulube Grease


Ball valves (in-line valve or flanged seacocks) that are "exercised" frequently operate more easily and are likely to remain free of marine growth. The task of regularly opening and closing valves, however, is often neglected because valves are difficult to reach, or because owners just don't feel like it. Consequently, valves are left in one position for months or even seasons, and when the time comes to open or close the valve, the build-up of barnacles and calcium makes it extremely difficult or impossible.

To address this problem GROCO introduces U-Lube, a proprietary patent pending formulation of grease and marine growth inhibitor, offered in 3 oz and 14 oz. tubes. U-Lube is injected through a Zerk fitting, standard on GROCO valves beginning 2016, into the cavity between the valve body and the ball while the valve is in the OPEN position (see figure-1). The zerk (GROCO #ZERK-1) may be ordered separately and fitted to any valve with a 1/8"-27 NPT drain plug and also serves as a plug for draining and winterization.

Without U-Lube, each time a ball valve is closed (see figure-2), seawater is deposited into the space between the valve body and the ball where it stagnates until fresh seawater is exchanged for the stagnant seawater by another valve actuation. Stagnant seawater promotes corrosion and growth of marine organisms, so neglected ball valves will naturally accumulate slime, barnacles and other nuisance marine growth. With U-LUbe the space now filled with grease, marine growth is inhibited and the valve will operate more smoothly.

The approximate volume of U-Lube grease required to fill the space between the ball OD and the valve body ID for GROCO ball valves is shown below; the grease volume for other valve brands will be similar, but will vary slightly.




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