GP Series Gear Pump

GP Series Gear Pump


Made in the USA, GROCO Gear Pumps are self-priming, instantly reversible, and are capable of operation in either direction.  Relatively low flow (less than vane pumps) makes them suitable for duties such as deck-wash, fuel transfer, ballast transfer, and oil change. All models have an ignition protected motor, #316 stainless steel shaft, and are available in models that provide reversing (R), remote reversing (RR), and reversing with touchpad (RT) control options.



Product Name Self PrimingThread NPTControl TypeMax GPMBreaker DC

GPB-1 12V

Yes3/8"None325 amp

GPB-1 24V

Yes3/8"None315 amp

GPBR-1 12V

Yes3/8"Pump Mounted Reversing Switch325 amp

GPBR-1 24V

Yes3/8"Pump Mounted Reversing Switch315 amp

GPRR-1 12V

Yes3/8"Remote Momentary Reversing Rocker Switch325 amp

GPRR-1 24V

Yes3/8"Remote Momentary Reversing Rocker Switch315 amp


Yes3/8"Pump Mounted Touch Pad325 amp


Yes3/8"Pump Mounted Touch Pad315 amp

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