Parallel Pump Systems For Larger Yachts



Big yachts demand big performance and require on-line back-up for all systems, plus the versatility to provide the conveniences of home, whether they are underway or at berth.  PARALLELAGONTM  answers the call with the first parallel pumps system, complete with a solid-state control system and patented NOFLOTM  dry run protection.

The control identifies the voltage present (AC or DC) and operates the appropriate AC or DC pump; if both voltages are present the AC pump will operate.  If AC voltage is no longer available the control automatically commands the DC pump to operate, thus providing uninterrupted service without actuating valves, switches or circuit breakers.  



  • Made in the USA
  • Complies with NSF-61 low-lead standard.
  • One ignition protected” pressure control operates both pumps.
  • Patented NOFLOTM   dry-run protection system protects both pumps.
  • Simplified plumbing - one inlet and one outlet connects PARALLELAGONTM  to the vessel water system.
  • Inlet strainer and oil-filled pressure gauge are included.
  • Available with any combination of:



  • DC-    12V, 24V
  • AC-    115V, 230V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz



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