SC AL Series Aluminum

SC AL Series Aluminum


Access to the thru-hull fitting and seacock inlet beneath GROCO SC-AL hull strainers is made easy with the Mount Ring design.  The Mount Ring is fastenen permanently to the hull and the strainer attaches to the ring.  When access is needed just unscrew the scoop from the mount ring with no risk of damage to the hull.

SC-AL Series provides course primary filtration. Hi-flow models provide greater flow and less restriction.  All models are available with or without the mount ring.  



              • #319 aluminum body and door.
              • Cast filter slots.
              • Hi- Flow and Standard flow options available.




Product Name Flow TypeMount Ring Incl.Max T-HullPerf Dia.ABC

SC-1000-L AL

STDNO1"Cast Slots

SC-1500-L AL

STDNO1-1/2"Cast Slots6.824.71.5

SC-2500-L AL

STDNO2-1/2"Cast Slots

SC-4000-L AL

STDNO4"Cast Slots12.58.622.75

SC-1000 AL

STDYES1"Cast Slots5.253.621.25

SC-1500 AL

STDYES1-1/2"Cast Slots6.824.71.5

SC-2500 AL

STDYES2-1/2"Cast Slots8.562

SC-4000 AL

STDYES4"Cast Slots12.58.622.75

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