ARG Series Raw Water Strainer BSPP

ARG Series Raw Water Strainer BSPP



For installation on the suction side of engines and pumps, GROCO ARG Series raw water strainers are the ideal filtration solution for cooling water intakes for any marine engine, ac unit, or genset. The superior design makes them long lasting and easy to service while the variety of sizes means there is a fit for every application.  ARG series strainers are designed with a durable one-piece molded sight glass to eliminate tie rods and gaskets, and construction is with bronze head castings plus the choice of flter basket materials - #304 Stainless Steel, Monel, or Non Metallic.  ARG strainers are offered in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", and 3" BSPP pipe sizes. 


Options include NPT threaded ports, ABS and USCG compliant bronze enclosures, and #316 stainless steel castings.




              • British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP) Thread
              • Made in the USA
              • Mounting System Allows Removal Without Tools
              • Bonding Connection Both Sides
              • O-Ring Seal All Joining Surfaces
              • Filter Basket Options
                • #304 SS (Standard)
                • Monel
                • Non-Metallic
              • One-Piece Molded Sight Glass Eliminates Tie Rods and Gaskets
              • Improved Drain Plug
              • Non-Metallic Cap Magnifies Internal Viewing
              • NPT or BSPP Threaded Ports
              • Improved Basket Design
              • C84400 bronze head casting
              • UL Listed 255-D




Product Name Thread BSPPABCDEOpen Area Ratio

ARG-500 BSPP Series

1/2" -54

ARG-755 BSPP Series

3/4" -24

ARG-750 BSPP Series

3/4" -36

ARG-1000 BSPP Series

1"96.86.52 -28

ARG-1210 BSPP Series

1-1/4" -18

ARG-1250 BSPP Series

1-1/4" -24

ARG-1500 BSPP Series

1-1/2" -20

ARG-2015 BSPP Series

2" -11

ARG-2000 BSPP Series

2" -14

ARG-2515 BSPP Series

2-1/2" -7

ARG-2520 BSPP Series

2-1/2" -9

ARG-2500 BSPP Series

2-1/2" -11

ARG-3015 BSPP Series

3" -5

ARG-3020 BSPP Series

3" -6

ARG-3025 BSPP Series

3" -8

ARG-3000 BSPP Series

3" -9

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