GHSN Series

GHSN Series




At the heart of the GROCO U-LUBE System is a powerful gear pump that delivers an honest 3-plus GPM.  All models have dry-run protection, touchpad control, a plumbing schematic to tell you what hose goes where, and a handy maintenance log. Models are offered with 3, 4, 5 or 6 valves to connect all of the devices you want to service.  A complete assortment of oil pan adaptors, related fittings and valves are offered to complete your installation.

GHSN-3, G-4, G-5 and G-6 are not covered, and offer a compact mount footprint. Touch-pad control and over-current protection are cover-mounted.

An optional safety circuit can be provided to disable the pump if any of the connected engines is operating.  Contact GROCO for details.



  • Made in the USA
  • Powerful gearpump delivers nearly twice the flow as competitive models. 
  • Touch pad controlled
  • Bronze manifold system
  • System sizes from 3 valves to 6 valves .
  • Resettable overcurrent and dry-run protection.
  • Oil Pan Adaptors (OPD Series) are available for all common marine engines


Product Name # of ValvesManifold ConnectionPump ConnectionCover IncludedSelf PrimingMax GPMBreaker DC

GHSN-12 12V

21/2" NPT3/8" NPTNoYes325 amp

GHSN-12 24V

21/2" NPT3/8" NPTNoYes315 amp

GHSN-13 12V

31/2" NPT3/8" NPTNoYes325 amp

GHSN-13 24V

31/2" NPT3/8" NPTNoYes315 amp

GHSN-14 12V

41/2" NPT3/8" NPTNoYes325 amp

GHSN-14 24V

41/2" NPT3/8" NPTNoYes315 amp

GHSN-15 12V

51/2" NPT3/8" NPTNoYes325 amp

GHSN-15 24V

51/2" NPT3/8" NPTNoYes315 amp

GHSN-16 12V

61/2" NPT3/8" NPTNoYes325 amp

GHSN-16 24V

61/2" NPT3/8" NPTNoYes315 amp

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